Why I'm Running

A Fresh Perspective

It has been at least 50 years since the last time someone from outside of the Utah County Recorder's office was elected Recorder. As the only candidate in this race who works outside of the Recorder's office, I bring a new outlook and a fresh perspective to the issues facing the office.

Fiscal Conservativism

It is important to have department heads who are fiscal conservatives. If elected, I will continually look for efficiencies, set an example in the office by working hard every day, and only ask for budget increases as a last resort. I will do my part to help the county commissioners keep your taxes low!

Qualified Leadership

As an attorney in good standing with the Utah State Bar, I am trained to analyze problems and find solutions. I am very organized and have tremendous attention to detail, which are essential skills needed to effectively manage the Recorder's office. As a lifelong Utah County resident, I understand that voters expect their elected officials to keep government small, efficient, and responsive.


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